Limerick, Ireland | 1st - 6th December 2020

Well, another day, of an almighty year. You’ve had enough on your plate, little time to notice that I.NY has been quiet. But quiet doesn’t mean idle, it doesn’t mean disengaged. If anything, it means unsteady, purposeful, shocked, grateful, dozing, concentrated, intrigued, sometimes panicked, busily resting, watching, listening, feeling, reaching out, reaching in, shaping new work, adjusting, preparing, and eventually, presenting.

I.NY, like everything else in our days now, will be a very different thing in 2020 than what had been planned, thought through and worked toward. We’re very lucky to be able to say, that in many ways, that’s not a bad thing. Now that so much is digital-only, and we’re so apart from one another, the condition somehow fits the very thought of I.NY, the deeper purpose of it. . . to try, through stories – some known, many unknown – to shorten the distance between us Irish here at home, and our Irish in New York. That’s an easier gap to tackle digitally, in 1s & 0s, than by plane and train and yellowcab. For today, at least.

There’s been plenty of changes to digest and bend to, with the two main results for the 2020 I.NY Festival very simply being a full move online, and a change of date from our mid–October days & nights to the first week of December. A host of information to come your way in the coming weeks, if you’re happy to receive it, quickly followed by what we hope and intend to be a challenging, engaging and warming programme, which will be with you on December 1.

In the meantime, love from the I.NY office. Stay well, stay hopeful and engaged. Won’t be long till we’re on the other side of this, looking back with a hand through the hair and a puff of the cheeks.

Celebrating the relationship between Ireland & New York.
One story at a time…

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