Limerick, Ireland | 16 - 20 Oct 2019

My New York | MynameisjOhn

The Rusangano Family DJ & Producer plays a New York-tinged DJ set

Date : Sun 7 Oct
Venue : The Commercial
Time : 9pm
Price : Free, ticketed
Presented in partnership with

MynameisjOhn – DJ, producer and Choice Music Prize winner with Rusangano Family – opens I.NY 2018 with a bespoke DJ set drawn from the deep influence New York City has had on both his personal and artistic life.

jOhn loves all kinds of music from all eras and all parts of the world. He makes music with samplers, turntables, records, mixers, laptops and microphones. His approach to DJing has always been to play what he wants, delivered in a quick-mix cut n’ paste style. His sets are diverse, frenetic and unpredictable, allowing as much space for rare jazz cuts as rap anthems and bass-led beats.

Focused on New York grit, and drawn from a 1977 – 1994 perspective, or more accurately, from a lot of the skate videos he grew up watching and the music those videos introduced him to, jOhn’s set at I.NY will move through hip hop, funk, soul, punk, folk, breaks and some of the most impactful New York guitar bands.

This event is a joint one between I.NY and MakeaMove, Limerick’s annual hiphop festival. Closing MakeaMove and opening I.NY, jOhn is a man at the heart of Limerick’s musical future, a friend of both festivals, and the ideal artist to take the baton from one and hand it to the other.

Tickets are free but advance booking is highly recommended.

jOhn releases a monthly ‘Still Breathing’ mix & this month’s mix is a New York-focused I.NY special   not to be missed!