Saturday, March 19th 2022
1pm Ireland / 8am NYC

From Us & For Us: What Our Irish Abroad Wish We Knew

Cahir O’Doherty of The Irish Voice & IAC’s Rachael Gilkey in conversation with interviewer to be announced

“It’s a fact that, at home, you don’t yet comprehend the cultural and economic opportunities that a deeper engagement with the diaspora, and what we have learned, will lead to. There’s a psychic shift that has to happen in how we interact with each other.” Cahir O’Doherty – Donegal native, thirty-year resident of New York.

March 2022 marks two years of a unique, isolating and particularly charged time in our individual and collective lives – culturally, economically, socially and emotionally. The way we connect and communicate with our family and friends around the world has never been more conscious. As Ireland reaches out to our diaspora in newer and ever more engaged ways, are we listening to what they have to say in return? What is it that ‘a deeper engagement with the diaspora’ can bring us? What is the ‘psychic shift that has to happen’? Can it? And will it?

IAC Director of Programming Rachael Gilkey, Editor and Features Writer for The Irish Voice Cahir O’Doherty, in conversation with interviewer to be announced

Cahir O’Doherty

Cahir O’Doherty is Arts Editor and Features Writer for The Irish Voice, Irish America magazine and He has reported on the culture, politics, and heritage of Irish America for over a decade. In 2015 Cahir was awarded Silver Blogger of the Year award at Ireland’s Digital Media Awards and is seen/heard (or has bylines) on RTE, Sirius, Newstalk, Today FM, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio Ulster, Irish America Magazine, The New York Post. Cahir is a graduate of Yale University and the University of Ulster.

Rachael Gilkey

Rachael Gilkey joined the Irish Arts Center team in 2008 and has served as Director of Programming and Education since 2012, where she has worked in partnership with Executive Director Aidan Connolly to build the Center’s multi-disciplinary presenting capacity, including a significant expansion in contemporary dance, theatre and literature programming. She holds a Master’s degree in Irish Studies from National University of Ireland, Galway, and a B.A. from Occidental College. She has written music and literature reviews and human interest pieces for local New York publications and has served as a committee member for the Bronx Book Festival since its inaugural outing in 2018. She was awarded the Irish Echo Top 40 Under 40: Irish American Young Leaders award in 2012. Prior to the Irish Arts Center, she served as Development Manager at The Battery Conservancy.

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