Limerick, Ireland | 1st - 6th December 2020

Donal Dineen

A musical pioneer since his early days as the presenter of No Disco (RTE) in the nineties, through to his long-running late night radio show The Small Hours (Today FM), and his recent series Radio Activity for RTE 2XM/2FM, and a current residency with TXFM, Donal Dineen has always used his discerning ear to seek out, listen to and encourage experimental music in all genres. As a curator, Dineen has worked on several musical series, most significantly A Month of Sundays and Fresh Air which both profiled new Irish soundmakers live and on-air. 

As a live DJ, Dineen is quite simply one of the best in the country, using that discerning ear to precise effect, doling out dance music from every era, every continent, all with the sole purpose of keeping your feet firmly on the dancefloor. 

Event : Donal Dineen vs Qool DJ Marv
Date : Fri Oct 18
Venue : The Commercial
Time: 22:30-02:00
Tickets: €10