Limerick, Ireland | Oct 5 - 15

I.NY Symposium 2017


October 2017 sees the first I.NY Symposium coming to the University of Limerick, Ireland as part of the larger I.NY project. The full details of I.NY, an exciting new project that explores the relationship of Ireland and New York, one story at a time, will be released on Friday 11 August. The I.NY Symposium sits within two weeks of I.NY events. It engages with second and third-level institutions in Ireland and New York; both initiating and partnering with existing initiatives and creating social and professional links and exchange between second-level institutions; the engagement with third-level institutions focuses on establishing partnerships and facilitating research, shared projects, commissions and residencies. The theme of this year’s symposium is Creative Education: The Increasing Role of Creativity and the Creative Process in Education.

“Creativity now is as important in education as literacy, and we should treat it with the same status.”
Ken Robinson

Creativity and the creative process are moving to the heart of education practice, policy and effectiveness. The workplace, whether that of an artist, architect, entrepreneur or educator, is changing. Creativity in education planning, pedagogy and participation will help prepare future students to respond to the challenges of a changing self, social & political flux, climate change, the proliferation of AI and the other significant changes we are experiencing collectively.

The I.NY Creative Education Symposium 2017 encourage contributions in the following tracks:

  • Education in art and performance
  • Relational Aesthetics: Exploring the exchange between creator and viewer
  • Creativity and the creative process in future education
  • Creativity in business marketing, management and innovation
  • Creating presence through architecture – respond to quote:

“The little streets that live off Broadway also live in the shadow of Broadway, and there are times, looking from the windows of the hotel where I live at present, on West Forty-ninth Street, when I think that my hotel and all of us here on this street are behind the world instead of in it.”

Maeve Brennan : ‘A Snowy Night on West Forty-ninth Street’

About the location

Part of Ireland’s appeal as a conference destination is what it can offer beyond the event itself, as it provides a rich tapestry of culture and heritage. Ireland boasts a rich and inspiring history, some incredible landscapes, authentic traditional culture and a uniquely warm welcome. Limerick is the gateway to Ireland’s scenic West Coast.
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