Limerick, Ireland | 1st - 6th December 2020

Donal Dineen vs Qool DJ Marv

Date : Fri Oct 18
Venue : The Commercial
Time: 11pm
Tickets: €10

Donal Dineen grew up in the Kerry countryside, Qool Marv on the edge of Philadelphia, before respectively moving to Dublin City, and New York City. As teenagers though, before they left for these new homes, the reach of radio had shaped both of their lives, introducing new music, wild music, from across the city and around the world. On opposite sides of the Atlantic, both found themselves ever-searching for new records, new rhythms, new directions, and searching for ways to play those new records to new people, through clubs, radio, tv, or the relentless mixtape.

I.NY puts together two quiet masters of the arts of digging, selecting and DJing. Dineen v Marv puts Ireland’s extreme west coast and America’s extreme east side by side. It allows both DJ’s to travel through their individual and shared relationship with New York club music from 1980 until present day. Expect to hear, and dance to, records which span the sound of Harlem jazz, through Mancuso’s Loft, on into the gamut of Bronx, Brooklyn and LES hiphop, to MAW/Body&Soul house music, and finally landing on or near today’s electro/r’n’b mash that runs the dance floors of New York, from Brooklyn warehouse parties to Manhattan members’ clubs.