Limerick, Ireland | 10 - 18 October 2020

I.NY Block Party with Qool DJ Marv

Date : Sunday 20 October
Venue : Mickey Martins Lane
Time: 2pm
Tickets: Free

The Block Party is a classic, low-down, heartfelt, neighbourhood New York tradition. Shut both ends of the block, rack up barbeques, ice drinks, unfold furniture, wear little, set the decks and turn it up.

It’s where the members of a single community congregate, to observe an event of importance, or simply for mutual enjoyment. The name comes from the closing of a city block to traffic, so the people of that block can gather, can dance, can eat and drink together, be together. It’s a celebration. It’s a form of activism, and an artistic effort, reclaiming the street as a public space, a shared and joyous space.

The I.NY Block Party will take a gentler form – less racous-ness, more Sunday afternoon ease – when Qool Marv sets up in Mickey Martin’s brick lane to run through his 40-year collection of New York soul, funk, hip-hop & breaks, each record dropped in the spirit of the Block Party, the spirit of the community.