Limerick, Ireland | 1st - 6th December 2020


Date : Friday Oct 18
Venue : Dolans (Upstairs)
Time: Doors at 9pm
Tickets: Free

I.NY hosts a conversation focusing on the experience of being Irish and gay in New York, and the importance of the gay community to the culture of a place, and creative & club culture in particular. The panel will discuss the changing experience for the Irish LGBTQ community in New York from the 80’s to today, the impact of the LGBTQ community on the beginning of club culture in New York and Ireland, and how each informs, inspires and borrows from the other. It will also touch on the gentrification of important cultural and club spaces, with spaces like these in both New York and Ireland under increasing threat.

A key participant in this conversation is Dingle native Brenda Breathnach. Brenda has been at the heart of Irish LGBTQ life in New York for three decades, is the owner of Phoenix Bar in the East Village, and in 2018 opened the largest LGBTQ club space in New York, 3-Dollar Bill in Brooklyn’s East Williamsburg – an opening which prompted a New York Times profile of her work and personal journey in New York.

The conversation is hosted by journalist, broadcaster and Irish Times columnist Una Mullally. Una won Journalist of the Year at the 2015 GALA LGBT Awards, wrote the history book In the Name of Love documenting the movement for same-sex marriage in Ireland, was a prominent activist in the Marriage Equality referendum, and is a frequent commentator on the changing circumstances for cultural spaces and trends in Ireland.

This talk is a co-curation with the Irish Arts Center, NYC.
The Annie Moore Talks series is named for the 17-year old girl from Cork who was the first immigrant through Ellis Island when it opened on New Year’s Day in 1892. Immortalised on both Ellis Island and in Cobh, Co Cork, where bronze statues of her and her brothers look across the Atlantic to their future in New York and back to their past in Ireland, her story in America is now one of mystery and sometime controversy.

Adopting her name for the I.NY talks series places her as the first of tens of thousands of Irish immigrants to pass through that unique building and onto the streets of New York. Her name opens the series up to all of their stories – from art to politics, crime to religion, success and failure, life and death.

The 2019 Annie Moore Talks welcome speakers and panellists from Ireland and New York discussing music, heritage, literature, politics, sport, film and more.